New Life Homes
No one should return to freedom alone.
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Oklahoma leads the nation in female inmates.

And after each woman serves time, she gets out.  For some, returning to freedom might be as scary as getting locked up.  There are so many decisions to make, when decision-making may have caused problems in the past.  So where to the old life?  Many truly want a new life.

80 percent of the women in Oklahoma prisons are moms.  Will every one be able to jump back into motherhood?  Or will some of them need "structured freedom" in which to gain skills for the responsibilities ahead?  And what about the woman who is not incarcerated but just on the edge.  Who will help her get back on track and keep her in the free world?

New Life Homes is a rare opportunity for someone who is serious about going forward in the relationship with her God, and in developing healthy relationships with others.  It provides incubation for positive growth and productivity, with an emphasis on Biblical principles and Christian service.
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